Jean Claude Junqua

Jean-Claude Junqua has 20+ years of successful experience as a global executive in the US, Europe and Japan. During his tenure at Panasonic he led the global speech activities involving teams in US, Japan and China. After 2 years spent in Japan, Dr. Junqua served as Vice President of Panasonic North America and developed the R&D activities of Panasonic in Silicon Valley creating new business opportunities in various areas such as consumer electronics, Automotive, Avionics, Mobile Communication, Smart Home and the Internet of Things (IOT). Always enjoying new challenges, Dr. Junqua created an internal startup inside Panasonic which led to the creation of a new US business unit in the area of Health and Wellness. Dr. Junqua is also Visiting Professor at Osaka Institute of Technology and Adjunct Professor at CMU Silicon Valley. One of his passions is to develop new approaches to innovation, to initiate and develop business transformation and to help startups and public companies reach their next level of growth. Currently, Dr. Junqua serves as CEO of CE2Innovate, is a mentor and coach for startups at Singularity University and the US Market Access Center and is a Vice President of Open Innovation at the European American Enterprise Council. He is the author/co-author of more than 100+ articles and holder of 90+ patents along with 2 books in the area of speech recognition.